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Art, Fashion, Finding Artists, Music
Xavier Dolan: The Millennial director and his contributions to the world of fashion, advertising and music.
You don't have to see many of the Canadian director's films to admire his art, and realize that he loves fashion and good music.
Art, Fashion
Richard Harrison Martin. The man who left a legacy in the history of fashion and art.
A character worth knowing if you are a student of fashion or curious about history. Access here to all the books he wrote to bring value to the fashion world.
Art, Finding Artists, Music
Worn-Tin. The Californian that will refresh your ears and head with his music and art.
An artist that from Los Angeles refreshes our days with his melody and also with the visual style of his videos.
Art, Design, Fashion
Sex, Fashion & Disco. A documentary that you must see if you are a lover of fashion and design.
A unique and vibrant material that will transport you to an exquisite and ambitious New York.
Art, Design, Fashion
How was streetwear born in Japan?
It seems that the story began in the 90's in Urahara, a small neighborhood in Tokyo.
Art, Design, Fashion, Finding Artists
The art, Freedom and Fashion of Sterling Ruby.
An artist to discover and wear.
Art, Fashion, Music
Last Night in Soho
Drama, retro horror, fashion, feminism and an exquisite soundtrack.
Art, Design, Fashion
Was Stüssy the pioneer streetwear brand?
Back in the 1980s when no one was talking about streetwear, no one was talking about Stüssy, let alone Supreme.
Art, Design, Finding Artists, Music
Beautiful Losers is the documentary that should always be taken out of the drawer of memories.
Great artists such as Thomas Campbell, Cheryl Dunn, Shepard Fairey, Harmony Korine, communicate their vision and experience in this documentary that is worth seeing to understand the mix of art that emerged from the 90s.
Art, Fashion, Music
Selection of fashion films by Sofia Coppola.
Fashion and cinema always go together. Sofia knows how to make them shine.
Art, Music
The official motion picture playlist for Mid90s, written and directed by Jonah Hill.
Surely you've seen this movie that is as cool as its soundtrack. That's why it's worth remembering it and play it to navigate the 90s.
Art, Design, Fashion
Tony Alva, the encyclopedia of skateboarding.
For those who don't know him, he was a reference of modern skateboarding. Today a successful businessman with a past with many excesses.
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