Who is Tony Cragg? A curious of forms and a genius of sculpture, a character worth meeting.

Today we come to talk about forms, organic, inorganic, without forms and without rules. We can talk about all this thanks to the sculptor and artist Tony Cragg, a great referent of British sculpture in the 80s and 90s.

We can define Tony as a curious of the forms made with discarded elements. He tells stories by creating sculptures with a lot of history and personality.

It was his early interest in nature and the objects he found, while focusing his inspiration on iron, bronze, plaster, stones and crystals. In this organic whole, he managed to tell with great sensitivity and sometimes with humor his story and the relationship of the objects with the environment.

After achieving success in Europe, in 1982 he was able to exhibit in New York and Tokyo. From that moment his career was always moving forward, culminating with his appearances at the Venice Biennale in 1986 and 1988.

An artist worth exploring for his unconventional ways of leaving traces between space and the viewer.

Lofi Hop (@lofilop)
Copywriter and designer
Editor and designer. I was born in the United States but live in Europe. I am the son of Italian and German immigrants. I studied fine arts in Chicago and then specialized in fashion design in New York.
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