Xavier Dolan: The Millennial director and his contributions to the world of fashion, advertising and music.

You don't have to see many of the Canadian director's films to admire his art, and realize that he loves fashion and good music.

One of his best films is Les Amour Imaginaires, in which his soundtrack, styling and color palettes create an unforgettable background.

He has also been requested to work with major luxury brands. He was the face of the Spring Summer campaign of the Parisian brand Louis Vuitton, as well as director of advertising for Prada this year, where he participated in the shooting of a beautiful short film with actress Hunter Schafer.  He has also collaborated with Chopard capturing not only the jewels of the luxury brand, but also the brilliance and beauty of Julia Roberts.

Adele called him to shoot the music video of her single "Hello", in which the artist continues to show his aesthetic stamp.

It seems that the talented Xavier Dolan not only has a romance with the world of cinema, but also with the world of fashion.

Below we share a few videos with you. Don't forget to enjoy and share!

Louis Vuitton & Xavier Dolan
Prada advertising. Xavier Dolan & Hunter Schafer 
Advertising for Chopard. Xavier Dolan & Julia Roberts.
Adele - Hello. Directed by Xavier Dolan
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