Who is Juan Wauters? The New Yorker born in Uruguay, friend of Mac DeMarco.

An indie artist to discover

As a teenager he landed with his family in the Queens neighborhood of New York. In 2009 he started creating music and joined the band The Beets, after releasing their first album the band disbanded and he decided to pursue his solo career.

Regarding his relationship with Mac DeMarco in an interview he said.

We met in 2013 when Captured Tracks came up with the idea that it would be good for us to record something together. Back then we got together and recorded covers of The Beatles. The machine we recorded it on later broke and we never got the songs back.

But all was not lost, then in Los Angeles they collaborated and created the single Real in the year 2021. In the video they are seen riding through the neighborhoods of California and its landscapes on a motorcycle, also on horseback as two teenage friends.

An experimental artist worth discovering and maybe you will find in him a touch of spice with a Daniel Johnston flavor.

Lofi Hop (@lofilop)
Copywriter and designer
Editor and designer. I was born in the United States but live in Europe. I am the son of Italian and German immigrants. I studied fine arts in Chicago and then specialized in fashion design in New York.
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