The art, Freedom and Fashion of Sterling Ruby.

An artist to discover and wear.

In case you don't know him, Sterling Ruby is a very talented contemporary American artist, who stands out for combining his inner states in his works, with rudeness, urban style, abstract and combining mixtures with hip-hop culture and anti-consumerist punk.

Photo by Melanie Schiff. Courtesy of Sterling Ruby Studio and Gagosian Gallery

His constant work and passion led his works to be represented in designer garments. Such as the collections of fashion designer Raf Simons and SRSTUDIO.LA.CA. where he has collaborated in the design of unique garments.

Currently his work can be found in some museums in New York, London, Stockholm and Paris. If you are curious we recommend you to open your head appreciating his works and maybe also wearing a design on a dress, a t-shirt or a pair of pants.

Here are some images and videos for you to continue discovering his art.

SRSTUDIO.LA.CA. Collection 2019
Photography by Ben Toms, styling by Robbie Spencer
Photography by Ben Toms, styling by Robbie Spencer
Photography by Ben Toms, styling by Robbie Spencer
Photography by Ben Toms, styling by Robbie Spencer
Lofi Hop (@lofilop)
Copywriter and designer
Editor and designer. I was born in the United States but live in Europe. I am the son of Italian and German immigrants. I studied fine arts in Chicago and then specialized in fashion design in New York.
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