Heidi Bivens. The fashion stylist, filmmaker and costume designer who continues to add achievements in her career.

Not only for the Euphoria series but also for her work in other films...

What she makes clear is that the teenage world is a space she likes to explore and dress fashionably. Her success in the costume design of the Euphoria series comes with a history of participation in the world of cinema with great directors like David Linch in the film "Inland Empire", with Harmony Korine in the film "Spring Breakers" and in Jonah Hill's debut film Mids90, a film that we recommended some time ago for its 90s look.

his participation in the styling of the movie Spring Breakers
The streeetwear fashion does not go unnoticed in the movie Inland Empire

Her career has been taking off for a long time but fashion seems to give her the last touch of magic to make her fly high. It is perhaps the fame of the Euphoria series and her aesthetics that have propelled her name to the top and today she is vibrating with more strength. It is also true that for some time now Heidi has been participating in the world of fashion and styling with the company Kenzo. As in the 2016 short film called Snowbird and the unforgettable advertising that stars the actress "Margaret Qualley" with whom she also worked in the filming of the short film Wake Up.

Below we share videos from his own Vimeo channel.

Lofi Hop (@lofilop)
Copywriter and designer
Editor and designer. I was born in the United States but live in Europe. I am the son of Italian and German immigrants. I studied fine arts in Chicago and then specialized in fashion design in New York.
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