Tony Alva, the encyclopedia of skateboarding.

For those who don't know him, he was a reference of modern skateboarding. Today a successful businessman with a past with many excesses.

As could not be missing in the life of a successful young man a cocktail of partying and drugs to then rise from the ashes like a bird phoenix. Tony Alva, one of the legendary members of the Z-boys, was born in California and became involved in the world of skateboarding as a child. This is how he got into the world of skateboarding and was the precursor of several details of this sport such as skating in empty pools.

After leaving the Z-Boys team (a group of skateboarders from the California area that in the 70's created the current punk/skate subculture) he founded his first brand at the age of 19 "Alva Skateboards" after rejecting the biggest skateboard company.

Tony at a very young age found success and after several ups and downs due to excesses, he achieved what he called the miracle of awakening. The "awakening" of a leader, to not only pass on his legacy to the sport, but also to raise awareness about the excessive consumption of drugs and alcohol in young people.

In 2005 he opened two stores in Southern California located in Oceanside near San Diego, California and the other was opened in Los Angeles on Fairfax Avenue.

His life is an encyclopedia for the skateboarding world and that's why the brand with Vans with which he collaborated many times paid tribute to him in 2020 with a documentary. Below we share this noble digital tape for skateboard lovers.

Also for lovers of urban fashion and products for skaters we leave you the link to the online store.
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