Billie Eilish's Christmas gift to the world.

Vinyl, art, fashion and accessories under the Gucci signature.

The young musician together with the Gucci brand have come up with the perfect gift pack for Billie's fans.

The Italian brand always seems to be one step ahead and is once again daring to conquer the music fans by making collaborations. In this case the protagonist is the American Billie Eilish who with her latest album had achieved the perfect gift for her fans and now gives them one more caress to make it an unforgettable piece.

A fact to keep in mind is that the vinyl has been produced with recycled materials from other vinyls. Sustainable ideas continue to gain space in the fashion world and it is always a good thing to share considering the problems we are experiencing due to climate change.

Below is a video of the latest album. We like it very much for the way a chromatic palette has been respected in combination with the scenery and the clothes of the models.

We also share the video that has been published a few hours ago on his official Youtube account in case you haven't seen and listened to it yet.

Lofi Hop (@lofilop)
Copywriter and designer
Editor and designer. I was born in the United States but live in Europe. I am the son of Italian and German immigrants. I studied fine arts in Chicago and then specialized in fashion design in New York.
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