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A Californian artist that will refresh your ears

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Willow Smith a creative on the rise. Because a brilliant mind is worth more than a media slap on the face.

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How Cameron Diaz inspired Drew Barrymore to be sustainable
Art, Fashion, Finding Artists, Music
Xavier Dolan: The Millennial director and his contributions to the world of fashion, advertising and music.
You don't have to see many of the Canadian director's films to admire his art, and realize that he loves fashion and good music.
Fashion, Music
A$AP Rocky and Rihanna get married in the rapper's new video.
The music video of the D.M.B." song combines urban fashion, styling and a lot of love.
Finding Artists, Music
Who is Juan Wauters? The New Yorker born in Uruguay, friend of Mac DeMarco.
An indie artist to discover
Design, Fashion
On Earth Day. Sustainability, Drew Barrymore and her love for the earth.
In her campaign to reduce plastics in consumer goods she partnered with San Francisco based Grove Collaborative which sells natural beauty products for home and personal care.
Design, Fashion
Would you contribute to the Environment by renting clothes? Is it a change in favor of the planet or a round business like it?
By Rotation: The app with a sustainable plan like other apps that rescue food to avoid waste.
The fashion colors that will be trending for Fall Winter 2023
Are you searching for inspiration to create a fashion collection or want to combine your next look? Here are some tips to inspire you.
Finding Artists, Music
Cannons: The Californian trio that keeps on giving birth to records with their Indie Pop and Future Funk music.
The trio, who is originally from Los Angeles, have released their new album "Fever Dream", which refreshes the California Indie scene with their smooth rhythms.
Fashion, Finding Artists, Music
Willow Smith a creative on the rise. Because a brilliant mind is worth more than a media slap on the face.
A review of her modeling career and her latest songs.
Art, Fashion
Richard Harrison Martin. The man who left a legacy in the history of fashion and art.
A character worth knowing if you are a student of fashion or curious about history. Access here to all the books he wrote to bring value to the fashion world.
Hypebeast culture? What is it?
Some may misinterpret it as the evolution of streetwear. But if we analyze and summarize it in one sentence it would be something like...
Art, Finding Artists, Music
Worn-Tin. The Californian that will refresh your ears and head with his music and art.
An artist that from Los Angeles refreshes our days with his melody and also with the visual style of his videos.
Art, Design, Fashion
Sex, Fashion & Disco. A documentary that you must see if you are a lover of fashion and design.
A unique and vibrant material that will transport you to an exquisite and ambitious New York.
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